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Self-absorbed Aidan Montgomery knows what he wants: a life of luxury and material wealth. To get it he's stumping on the campaign trail for Senator Philip Brenton and carrying on a rather perfunctory affair with him to boot. The senator is his ticket to better living, and Aidan is content not to look too closely at Brenton's back room business dealings

When discrepancies over property lines for a new casino development in the senator’s district surface, axe man Rafe McCafferty becomes an unwilling participant in the dispute. A suspicious accident on the logging company owner’s job site draws Aidan and Rafe into murky plans that threaten not only their jobs, but Aidan's shallow lifestyle and his vision for the future. There are no clear-cut answers for either of them, that is, until they have to unite for their own survival.


Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Enjoy the weekend, honor a serviceman, and
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Braden Williams


Dreamspinner Press, publisher of my first novella, GONE STUMPING, asked me to provide an author bio to be included in my book and on their website. Here is what spilled out of my mind this morning to complete that assignment:

Braden Williams is an accomplished artist and entrepreneur in the graphic design and advertising fields. He enjoys outdoor pursuits such as whitewater rafting, mountain hiking and landscape photography in his all-too-infrequent spare time.

Writing became a passion for Braden when the characters he entertained in his mind began telling their stories and he decided to give them a voice on paper. Stories of true love and fated destinies populate his random and written musings. Never one to stray from his graphic design roots, Braden frequently creates his own cover artwork for a project long before its completion. These written labors of love have become an outlet for the expression of Braden’s gratitude for a contented life with his beloved partner and pets.

When he is not designing or writing, Braden also enjoys browsing for country antiques, pressing his luck at casino slot machines and eating out at restaurants with lengthy appetizer menus.

In a testament to his love of the great outdoors, a bumper sticker on the back of Braden’s SUV boldly proclaims: "I'd rather be in Grand Teton National Park."


"GONE STUMPING" is presently in a final edit stage and will be published by Braden's top-choice of publisher: DREAMSPINNER PRESS. It is scheduled for release in August of 2010! Scroll down for additional information, the blurb and a video trailer.


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Creative I N S P I R A T I O N . . .


Taking A Chance by Braden Williams

When it comes to relationships, Rowan had been burned before. Literally! His ex-lover accidentally set fire to his apartment building, and Rowan barely escaped with his life. He is now beginning to wonder if his failure to make a commitment caused his albeit irrational ex to unintentionally force the relationship’s ending.

More importantly, is Rowan doing the same thing now?

When Chance Thomas enters his life, things begin to fall into place, and that's when Rowan starts to feel the heat again. And now that marriage is legal in his home state of Connecticut, it's getting harder and harder to avoid and evade the commitment he fears.

When a marriage proposal is made, Rowan escapes to his vacation home to collect his thoughts. A wise old friend provides the soundboard he needs to think through his life.

Is Rowan ready to let his guard down? Is he finally up for taking a chance?
STATUS UPDATE: Braden is completing the first draft and preparing the manuscript for beta reading and feedback incorporation. Braden recently completed the preliminary book cover design, shown above, to inspire the writing process.


Gaillardia by Braden Williams

BLURB: Brad Andrews is grieving for his departed lover of ten years in his own way... in his own unique and overly obsessive way. He can’t stop the almost daily visitations to the gravesite, fearing he may lose his connection with Chase, who passed away two years earlier in a brutal car accident. Over time, Brad befriends the lowly flower salesman who stakes out the street corner near the entrance of the cemetery. Placing fresh flowers in a vase at his former lover’s gravesite may give him a much needed excuse to continue his obsessive visiting, but Brad is getting the sense that Chase is requesting or trying to tell him something from beyond. When the flower salesman gives him Gaillardia, a flower he has passed on many times before, an undefined emotional connection is made.

But when the elusive flower salesman suddenly disappears, Brent must go out in search of Gaillardia, and winds up on the front porch of Ethan McAndrews. Ethan, a science teacher by trade, has reluctantly taken over the family business since his father recently passed away. Suffering from two years of neglect, the Wind Valley Nursery has only one bumper crop thriving this year… overgrown fields cascading with Gaillardia.

Has Brad found what his departed partner was looking for? Or has Brad himself? Does Ethan realize that perhaps his formerly estranged father wants him to find true love? It’s a story of deep seeded true love and destiny… told through the eyes of the man who experienced it.



Gaillardia is currently in the re-writing and editing stage. Braden is incorporating feedback and editing improvements with the assistance of a beta reader. A mid May target date is expected for submission to a publisher. The cover and video trailer that Braden designed for Gaillardia remains one of his favorites to date.

M/M Romance Author Braden Williams

M/M Romance Author Braden Williams
Braden Williams is a new author on the M/M romance scene. This blog is your direct connection to keeping up with the latest projects of this innovative writer and designer. Braden creates not only the manuscript, but the cover art and video trailers seen here for his work. Bookmark this site and check back regularly for updates! Become a follower and receive automatic updates by clicking on "Followers" below.