Taking A Chance by Braden Williams

When it comes to relationships, Rowan had been burned before. Literally! His ex-lover accidentally set fire to his apartment building, and Rowan barely escaped with his life. He is now beginning to wonder if his failure to make a commitment caused his albeit irrational ex to unintentionally force the relationship’s ending.

More importantly, is Rowan doing the same thing now?

When Chance Thomas enters his life, things begin to fall into place, and that's when Rowan starts to feel the heat again. And now that marriage is legal in his home state of Connecticut, it's getting harder and harder to avoid and evade the commitment he fears.

When a marriage proposal is made, Rowan escapes to his vacation home to collect his thoughts. A wise old friend provides the soundboard he needs to think through his life.

Is Rowan ready to let his guard down? Is he finally up for taking a chance?
STATUS UPDATE: Braden is completing the first draft and preparing the manuscript for beta reading and feedback incorporation. Braden recently completed the preliminary book cover design, shown above, to inspire the writing process.


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M/M Romance Author Braden Williams

M/M Romance Author Braden Williams
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